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Hello, I’m Daniel Stapleton, but my friends call me Danny. I am a web developer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I started working in web development 8 years ago. In my current role, I am the sole web developer for a healthy home company, Brondell. I work alongside marketing, creative, product development, sales, and operations teams.

I really enjoy being a web developer and working in a fast-paced environment which challenges me, and allows me to grow and learn new skills. I enjoy working in a cross-functional environment to create scalable solutions to both simple and complex problems.

Outside of web development, my hobbies include:

  • Baking — I love pizza and bread (both to bake and eat).
  • Games — I enjoy both video games and tabletop games. I'm currently playing Destiny 2, but some others I enjoy include World of Warcraft, The Last of Us and Marvel Snap. Some tabletop games I enjoy playing include Everdell, Spirit Island, and Wingspan. I'm excitedly awaiting for Return of the Dark Tower.
  • Playing with my cats — I have two (Meepins and Pebbles), I have plenty of photos if you want to see them!
  • Traveling — While I don’t do this as often as I would like, my favorite places I’ve traveled include Costa Rica, Ireland, Nashville, and Carmel (yes, really, even though it's just a short drive away).


Here are some recent projects I've developed

Brondell takes an innovative, healthy, and eco-friendly approach to bidet toilet seats, sprayers, attachments, and water filters.

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My Omigo

Find your better bathroom experience.


Crustacean Restaurant - located in San Francisco.

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Thanh Long

The first House of An family restaurant - located in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco.

portfolio image

The newest edition to the House of An restaurant family - located in San Jose, California.

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Simple React Portfolio

A simple Portfolio using React.js.

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Dragon Slayer

A game made with Vue.js - defeat the Dragon!

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Castleknock Dentist

A family oriented dental practice located in the center of Castleknock village.

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